• Załaduj obraz do przeglądarki galerii, PREMIUM SAKE DINNER 2023
  • Załaduj obraz do przeglądarki galerii, PREMIUM SAKE DINNER 2023


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Cena regularna
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International Sake Day falls on October 1st, so we will be holding a special sake and Japanese food pairing dinner.

Since this is a special day that only happens once a year, we will be holding the event at a loss.

This dinner is an 8-course kaiseki meal, and all dishes are paired with sake.

Kaiseki is a course meal served at high-end Japanese restaurants in Japan.

This time, Japanese restaurant ZAJEGYOZA in Warsaw and Sakamotoya will collaborate to recreate authentic Japanese Kaiseki cuisine.

This day will probably be the best day in Poland to experience authentic Japanese high-class kaiseki cuisine for the first time, and enjoy the combination with the premium sake we import.

Our event fills up quickly every year.

If you are interested, please hurry to purchase tickets.

Date: 26th and 27th October
Time: 18:00-21:00
Venue: Zajegyoza
Address: Stefana Szolc-Rogozińskiego 3, 02-777 Warszawa


We will be announcing the menu for the premium sake dinner on October 26th and 27th.
This time, Hikoemon Sakamoto, owner of Sakamotoya and HIKO SAKE, and the Zajegyoza kitchen team will be working together to provide you with the best Kaiseki cuisine you can enjoy in Poland.
Yukari, the owner of Zajegyoza, is a veteran chef who worked at a French restaurant for many years, and Andrii, a kitchen staff member at Zajegyoza, is a chef who has worked at high-end restaurants such as Michelin-starred restaurants. .
This time's menu also uses French cooking techniques and ingredients to create a special kaiseki meal that only we can create, and we would like to surprise everyone with our dishes.
During dinner that day, Mr. Sakamoto will leave kitchen and to serve sake to everyone while talking about the appeal and a little bit of knowledge about sake.
Sake Day Special Kaiseki Menu
sesame tofu
Sake: ZAKU Miyabinotomo Junmai Ginjo
Hamachi carpaccio Matsumae style
Sake: Kaze no Mori alpha type 3 Junmai Daiginjo
[Warm appetiser]
Sauteed foie gras and simmered radish with Saikyo sweet miso sauce
Sake: Gozenshu Nigiri Bodhimoto Junmai
[Grilled dish]
Grilled sea bass with seaweed beurre blanc sauce
Sake: Urakasumi Junmaishu Nurukan
[Simmered dish]
Kyoto style Simmered duck
Sake: Tatsuriki Special Junmai Kimoto by warm temperatures
[Fried Dish]
Kakiage tempura of shrimp and ginger
Sake: Brewer Kuheiji Junmai Daiginjo by warm temperatures
[Rice and soup]
Porcini mushroom and chestnut cooked rice & Dark miso soup
Sake: Tatsuriki Koshu 1999
Kuzu mochi & Shiokoji ice cream
Sake: Fuku Nishiki, Umeshu made with old aged Junmai sake