SAKAMOTO-YA is a store with Japanese premium food, Japanese alcohol and sake of the company HIKO SAKE and with premium Japanese organic tea MY TEA.
In company HIKOEMON we select, import and sell the highest quality Japanese ingredients in the country.

The most competitive prices in Europe

Currently, we are the only supplier in Poland who buys all our products directly from producers, exports them from Japan, and deals with shipping and import on their own. Thanks to this, our prices will always be lower than those of the competition that imports goods from intermediaries from Europe.

 The highest quality

Many food importers in Poland do not control the quality of products, and their color and taste change under the influence of high temperatures. In our company, products from Japan are imported from refrigerated containerand then stored in a temperature-controlled warehouse to ensure the highest quality.

Natural products

Unfortunately, most products from major Japanese producers contain ingredients that are not of Japanese origin, and they contain large amounts of chemical spices such as monosodium glutamate, contain preservatives, and the plants used in their production are treated with a large amount of agricultural chemicals. and are genetically modified. Their products are geared towards mass scale and quick profit, not high quality.

We, on the other hand, only import products that they do not contain chemical additives, flavor enhancers, years are not genetically modified. We work only with proven niche food producers, whose passion is the highest quality ingredients of Japanese origin, and they put a lot of work and passion into creating their products. In addition, our offer also includes vegan products that do not contain animal ingredients, a large part of our products are also organic. We are specialists in Japanese food products, and with our knowledge and experience we support restaurants and shops that buy our products.


"We provide healthy, safe and high-quality Japanese premium ingredients. Our main mission is to spread Japanese food of the highest quality in Europe, so that everyone can enjoy the full flavor and nutritional value that Japan offers." - Norihiko Sakamoto




NORIHIKO SAKAMOTO has worked as a sommelier for about 10 years in elegant restaurants in Tokyo and Singapore. In May 2018, he returned to Japan from Singapore and traveled all over Japan for about a year in search of the best producers and goods. In August 2019, he moved to Warsaw and founded the company "HIKOEMON Sp. z o. o. ”. Using his experience to date, he runs the company as the CEO and specialist in Japanese spirits and teas.
Norihiko Sakamoto is a specialist in Japanese spirits, teas, food, cuisine, Japanese traditional costumes and art, including ikebana. His life goal is to spread Japanese culture and art and show its best aspects.

HIKOEMON sp. Z o. O.

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